hi my name is...

please use they/it/he for me!

17 | bi + ace | nb (gender neutral) | infx | neutral good |

nobody loves otasune more than i do

dont follow if

you fit into the usual dfi stuff

youre a porn account

you think nonbinary people dont exist

you are an inclusionist

youre a terf

youre hatefollowing

youre gonna vague me. if i do something bad please talk to me about it. i never mean to say anything to hurt anyone and i am open to learning!!!

my entire identity relies around hal "otacon" emmerich, though i am okay with doubles! if you dont feel comfortable sharing just dont follow me or softblock me! :3

please PLEASE tag ageplay (ddlg), cannibalism, irl gore/self harm, nsfw, and parasites if you can please! these things really bother me for a bunch of reasons and id rather not see them


my main id is otacon!

im also kin with huskies, samoyeds, wolves, african wild dogs, and rats

i don't list my other ones so lmk if you want a full list

i really dont mind sharing any of them

special interests



anything furry


color theory

digital media (mainly digital art and creating websites)

robotics and computer science

i might sometimes get random intense shifts into these or a new one i just discovered


all of my mental stuff is diagnosed professionally!

i also am on the autism spectrum! it is NOT a mental disorder, but it affects my life a lot!

i have been diagnosed with depression, social anxiety disorder, psychosis, and "ocd symptoms"


tumblr: mgsotacon

deviantart: mgsotacon

twitter: @bipedalrobot

discord: hal#9841 [i wont add strangers sorry!]

im also the guy who made lamborghinibot and this post. it was a mistake


ive had them since late 2014-early 2015 and they are literally me irl. please draw them

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